Security firm Check Point has recognized vulnerabilities influencing 900 million cell phones and tablets that utilization chipsets from segment creator Qualcomm.

Check Point uncovered the vulnerabilities Sunday at the DEF CON 24 hacking gathering in Las Vegas. The four vulnerabilities, named “QuadRooter” with Check Point, influence Android gadgets utilizing chipsets from part producer Qualcomm. Chipsets are accumulations of segments or circuits that handle information stream inside a gadget.


In the event that any of the vulnerabilities is abused, an aggressor could access the gadget, clarified Check Point, in a blog entry. “Any Android gadget utilizing these chipsets is at hazard,” it included.

An assault could misuse the vulnerabilities in the chipsets’ product drivers utilizing a pernicious application. “Since the helpless drivers are pre-introduced on gadgets at the purpose of produce, they must be settled by introducing a fix from the merchant or transporter,” Check Point said.

Qualcomm has not yet reacted to a demand for input on this story from

Check Point says the circumstance highlights the “intrinsic” security hazards in Android. “Basic security refreshes must go through the whole production network before they can be made accessible to end clients,” it said. “Once accessible, the end clients should then make sure to introduce these updates to secure their gadgets and information.”

The BBC reports there is no proof of the vulnerabilities being utilized as a part of cyberattacks.

Android gadgets containing the powerless chipset innovation incorporate the BlackBerry Priv, Google’s Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, as indicated by CheckPoint.

BlackBerry, Google and Samsung have not yet reacted to a demand for input on this story from

Check Point is putting forth a free QuadRooter scanner application on Google Play that can test gadgets for the weakness.

This is not the first occasion when that Google’s Android has been pushed into the security spotlight. A year ago the Stagefright imperfection in Android’s sight and sound handling started concern and incited fixes from Google, transporters and cell phone producers.

Makers are increase their endeavors around cell phone security. A week ago, for instance, Samsung divulged its Galaxy Note7 telephone, which offers iris-checking innovation to open the Android gadget.